Face shitting

Girls like to shit in your face | Brown shower scat play

When you gotta go, you just gotta go. Lady Sandy can have problems from time to time when she has to take a massive shit. Her shits will sneak up on her, and there is nothing she can do about it. The only thing she can think of is to just sit on her toilet and take a shit right on the top of her slave's forehead.

Two dark haired beauties are going to have one hell of a good time getting ready to take a shit on a loser slave. The two ladies are so fucking hot, that the slave is praying they get right over the top of him to take their shit. He will get some hard nuggets of poop from the hot girls and he will love every minute of it.

A slave has no idea what he is in store for, because a group of mistresses are going to show the slave just what a pile of shit he is. The slave won't know what hit him, and is going to have a hell of a time dealing with all of the poop coming his way. The mistress's are going to cover his face is smelly shit.

When Lady Grace and Lady Katherina get together, it is going to be a bad day for any slave's around the two of them. They are going to have a total blast making a slave pay for being so pathetic in their eyes. The slave will end up with his face covered and smeared in shit, but the ladies don't care. They think the slave is an asshole.

Lady Sandy is a mistress that takes a great deal of pride in having fun with her slaves. One thing she loves to do is eat special items that make her poop different colors. Eating lots of crackers will make Lady Sandy's poop nice and dark, but also really smelly. She wants to take the biggest shit on the face of her slave and laugh her ass off.

Keisha is going to take the biggest shit ever, because she is so full from all the food she has consumed. Normally, she is ready to shit, but sometimes her bowels take over, and she has no choice. Keisha is going to take the biggest shit ever right on the face of her slave. The slave is going to be covered in massive amounts of poop.

Lisa is a mistress that likes to eat, but when she eats too much she has to take a nice big shit. Lisa will call up her slave to come to her house immediately, because Lisa needs her slave to push out a huge amount of poop. She is totally satisfied watching her slave with a huge ball of shit all the way in his mouth to eat.

Even a mistress is going to need training from time to time. She is going to have a seat on her couch, before she gets ready to show off her new moves to her slave. Her slave deserves to find out just how brutal she can be, and she might even take the time to deliver a big shit on the slave. She is loving her poop action.

Jessica is a mistress that often times will have a case of the terrible shits. She can't help herself when she goes to take a shit, because having the runs is just something she has struggled with her whole life. She is going to sit down on her specially made toilet and spray out horrible shit right into the mouth of a slave and cover him with poop.

Lady Amy is a very determined mistress when it comes to letting shit fly. She tends to make sure all of her slaves are covered in poo and pee. She thinks having a slave is one of those things that can be fun, but the slave must be trained right. Her slave knows that one he is on the ground, he must open his mouth for shit.

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Shitting in your face