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This slave learned the hard way that you do not mess with the mistress. He had taken it for granted and realized that it was a big mistake. She humiliated him and degraded him in a way he could never have guessed. By the time she was done with him, he swore never to repeat it. She made him her human toilet and had fun shitting into his open mouth.

This mistress is as kinky as they come. She wanted to show her slave what she was capable of. So she made her slave lie down and she shit into the slave's mouth. She wanted to show him that she is not be messed with and if he ever does anything to piss her off, that is the kind of punishment that he should expect. That would therefore act as a deterrent.

Mistress Gaia has a major love for all of her shit. When she takes a shit, it is always really messy and the smell is gag worthy. Mistress Gaia will get ready to blow her stinky poop all over the place and she is going to humiliate her slave during that time. She is laughing so hard at the slave and how he is gagging from the smell.

Three girls are ready to show off their skills, and one of the best skills they possess is letting the shit fly from their assholes. The girls are some of the best shitters ever. They can sit on the toilet and the poop just comes right out, which is great for their slaves. The slave will get covered in poop from the girls and must eat it all.

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Shitting in your face