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This mistress does not like to repeat herself. Whenever she makes her stand known, she prefers to have it handled the way she wants and for it to be factored in the decision making process. This guy ignored her advice and the results were disastrous. She did not complain when he ignored her ideas. She however punished him for what he had done so as to make sure it never happened again.

It is bad enough to be tortured and degraded by one mistress especially using shit. But this guy suffered the misfortune of being degraded and humiliated by many mistresses. They were ten in total and he had to eat all their shit and swallow it. He had to drink their pee as well and endure being used as their human toilet. He had no choice and had to do what they wanted.

It is bad enough being humiliated by one mistress. But this slave suffered the misfortune of being degraded by two mistresses. They did not let him rest. They humiliated him with all they had. They shit on his face together and made sure he ate all that shit they filled his mouth with. None of them was sympathetic to him. They even had him lick their assholes clean as if he was toilet paper.

Two dark haired beauties are going to have one hell of a good time getting ready to take a shit on a loser slave. The two ladies are so fucking hot, that the slave is praying they get right over the top of him to take their shit. He will get some hard nuggets of poop from the hot girls and he will love every minute of it.

When Lady Grace and Lady Katherina get together, it is going to be a bad day for any slave's around the two of them. They are going to have a total blast making a slave pay for being so pathetic in their eyes. The slave will end up with his face covered and smeared in shit, but the ladies don't care. They think the slave is an asshole.

A group of really hot ladies are going to get the introduction of a lifetime. A slave was given a command to go find a toilet chair, so when his mistresses demand him to get on the ground, he can do just that. However, now when they sit down it's on a chair. The ladies are all going to enjoy taking time shitting on the human toilet chair slave.

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Shitting in your face