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Goddess Amirha caught her slave looking at her ass a few times and she knew he was fantasizing about her. She did not like it and had to make him stop it. So she teased him and he fell for the trap. She had to punish him and she used her shit fetish to do it. She took a shit on his face and she made him eat the shit and from then on, he never looked at her the same way again.

Their old guy already received a big pile of shit that's smeared all over his face because he couldn't handle to eat it all. If he thought that this is it, he's so damn wrong.. it only has begun! Both ladies now take a deep, fat dump twice into his mouth until he learns how to cope with their divine scat! Maybe some piss and spittle will help to wash it down his throat!

Lisa Anderson never fails in the brutal department. She hates every one of her slaves and thinks they are all assholes. She will smoke her cigarettes and use her slave as an ashtray. After she is done with that, she is going to push out a nice big shit right on the slaves face. Lisa could give a fuck less about how humiliated the slave is.

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Shitting in your face