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Lady Yuna has a fetish for shit. She enjoys it when she uses the shit to torture and humiliate losers. This guy literally walked into her trap and she had no choice but to humiliate him. She facesat on him and she had him eat her shit directly from her asshole. He had to lick her asshole as well using his tongue as she turned him into her human toilet paper.

Why not use a slave in different ways at a time? This submissive piece of shit is totally addicted by his Mistress Annabelle and she knows how to use it. First the skunk has to clean her shoes with his tongue and suck the dirt on them, then he shows his full potential as human ashtray and gets some motivational spitting on top! After his mouth is prepared properly and humiliated twice, she shits into his ugly puss.

Princess Nikki's old geezer is always hungry for the sight of her sweet pussy and her ass and would do everything for his Mistress. She instead loves to see her shit covering her sub slaves mouths and so she wants to make her slave a special gift today! After he's paid yesterdays dinner, he receives her gratitude by the aftershit in the morning! What a delicious way for him to quite take part on that dinner, haha! Of course he has to clean up her asshole also and eat the rest of the dinner scat.

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Shitting in your face