Face shitting

Girls like to shit in your face | Brown shower scat play

Denise was not feeling well but her boyfriend wanted to have sex. She tried to tell him to wait but he insisted. She agreed. He wanted to lick her pussy so she sat on his face. But she had a running a stomach and ended up shitting on his face

Victoria was breaking up with her boyfriend and she wanted to leave in style. She made him lie down and shit on his face

This mistress waited till she had almost constipated then made her slave eat her shit. She wanted it to be hard and a big pile of shit

A line of ladies are eagerly awaiting their turn to have fun with a special slave that enjoy scat play. They have all enjoyed scat before, but they have never been in a situation where they are able to freely talk about it and express her feelings to other women that do the same thing. The slave has a great deal of work ahead of him that involves lots of shit.

Meagan loves to have dinner dates because they are a special time for her to relax and show off some of her amazing skills. She also loves to pull down her pants and show off her cute bubble butt, because all of her slaves thing she is really adorable. However, she is not going to be adorable when she pushes out a nice big turd on her slave's face.

Four ladies are going to take their time when they decide torturing a slave is a must. The ladies are going to make sure that the slave is totally covered in shit and they are also going to make sure he is properly humiliated as well. They take great pride in their ability to make a slave feel like total shit and make him feel as though he is not even human.

A mistress is going to get tired of having a slave call her over and over again, therefore she is going to take matters into her own hands.the very first thing she is going to do when he arrives at her home is she is going to walk on him with her high heels. From there she is going to pull down her pants and she will begin to take a nice big shit right on him.

This mistress has a giant enormous booty that can really produce a great deal of shit. Her diet consists of almost anything and everything that you should not eat, therefore when she takes a shit, it is really bad to smell and also to eat. However, she doesn't care because it's her slave who is eating all of the shit from her big ass. She is laughing at him.

The one thing about Jenny is she always loves to think outside of the box, then inside of the box. She is going to have a special session with her loser slave that will involve a great deal of scat. She thinks it's funny that he is so willing to open his mouth and eat up all of her shit and not think twice about swallowing the huge mouthfuls of poo.

When Princess Nikki gets a chance, she is going to have a really wild time with a slave.she enjoys having her friend come over and help her as well. Lady Grace is an expert in scat play and she also enjoys torturing a human toilet slave, so that both ladies are enjoying themselves immensely. They cannot quit laughing at how pathetic the slaves look covered in shit and piss.

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Shitting in your face