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Lady Yuna has a fetish for shit. She enjoys it when she uses the shit to torture and humiliate losers. This guy literally walked into her trap and she had no choice but to humiliate him. She facesat on him and she had him eat her shit directly from her asshole. He had to lick her asshole as well using his tongue as she turned him into her human toilet paper.

Their old guy already received a big pile of shit that's smeared all over his face because he couldn't handle to eat it all. If he thought that this is it, he's so damn wrong.. it only has begun! Both ladies now take a deep, fat dump twice into his mouth until he learns how to cope with their divine scat! Maybe some piss and spittle will help to wash it down his throat!

This will be the most extreme humiliation for you potty trained slave! We will make your secret wish come true the most dirty way! And you can take it literally, we promise you that. We take you to the club and your new home will be the toilet, where we piss into your mouth and laugh about the ridiculous sight of you, jerk! You will wait exactly where we've put you until the first of us has to shit, and you will suck all of it! Still there will be so much more humiliation while you're waiting there, lonely in your shit cabin!

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Shitting in your face