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Mistress Anna does not like to lose money but she lost is as a result of this guy. She did not even want to know how he lost it. All she wanted to know was how she was going to get it back. He did not have a concrete answer for her so she tortured him so that he could get one for her as soon as possible. She forced him to eat her shit and when he was done eating it, he had an answer for her.

Goddess Amirha caught her slave looking at her ass a few times and she knew he was fantasizing about her. She did not like it and had to make him stop it. So she teased him and he fell for the trap. She had to punish him and she used her shit fetish to do it. She took a shit on his face and she made him eat the shit and from then on, he never looked at her the same way again.

This mistress was horny. She had not had a good pounding in months and she was looking forward to it. She had to make sure she good dick. This guy looked promising. He was handsome, flirty, seductive and he had money. But when she was about to fuck him, she realized he had a small dick. She knew it could not satisfy her so she shit on him as punishment for him having a small dick and wasting her time.

This mistress does not like to repeat herself. Whenever she makes her stand known, she prefers to have it handled the way she wants and for it to be factored in the decision making process. This guy ignored her advice and the results were disastrous. She did not complain when he ignored her ideas. She however punished him for what he had done so as to make sure it never happened again.

Mistress Gaia is not one to entertain nonsense. If she is bored and pissed at someone or something, she will always make her stand known. She made her stand known to this guy but he did not do anything to remedy the situation. That irked her further and to teach the guy a lesson, she forced him to eat her shit and to swallow it. He also drank her pee.

This guy was full of himself claiming that he could satisfy both mistresses easily. These mistresses love adventure and love guys who are confident. But these guys confidence was misleading and he did not satisfy them when they went to have a threesome with him. They were thoroughly disappointed and had to punish him. They had him lie down naked and they shit on his face and made sure he ate that shit.

It is bad enough being humiliated by one mistress. But this slave suffered the misfortune of being degraded by two mistresses. They did not let him rest. They humiliated him with all they had. They shit on his face together and made sure he ate all that shit they filled his mouth with. None of them was sympathetic to him. They even had him lick their assholes clean as if he was toilet paper.

Mistress Gaia enjoys nothing better than putting a slave in misery. She likes to have the slaves humiliated and to make them feel worthless. That is her specialty and she knows just how to do it. She has many ways of achieving this but this time round, she decided to use the scat method. She put the slave in misery by forcing him to eat her shit and swallow it.

With her great ass, mistress Gaia can do no wrong. She has an ass to die for and many guys want to have a piece of it. She always takes advantage of that to make the guys her bitches. She likes to make them do crazy things before anything else. For this guy, she wanted him to eat her shit and the poor guy had no option but to eat it.

When you cheat on this mistress, you should be prepared for the consequences. She does not believe in that forgive and forget crap. She believes that choices have consequences. So she had to punish her boyfriend for cheating on her. And the punishment was cruel. She called her friend to watch as she shit into his mouth. The smell of her shit was so strong that her friend puked on her boyfriend making it a double punishment.

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