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When this mistress realized that all this guy was after was sex, she was pissed off. She had thought he was genuine and was even beginning to open up to him. But she realized he was a worthless piece of shit after her pussy. So she punished him using her shit fetish to make sure he never did it again to someone else. She then chased him away to look for someone else.

It is bad enough to be tortured and degraded by one mistress especially using shit. But this guy suffered the misfortune of being degraded and humiliated by many mistresses. They were ten in total and he had to eat all their shit and swallow it. He had to drink their pee as well and endure being used as their human toilet. He had no choice and had to do what they wanted.

Mistress Anna has no time for people who do not obey her. She demands obedience from her slaves and losers and she makes sure that the obedience is given. Anyone who does not give it to her is punished and punished cruelly. Today she punished this loser by shitting on him and forcing him to eat her shit. He had no choice but to eat all her poo and drink her pee.

Mistress Anna likes to shit in his slaves face. Today she has to shit so much and she forced her slave to eat her shit! A real stinky kind of shit - directly on his face. This is face shitting extreme!

Mistress Anna shits a long and stinky turd in his face! She enjoys it so much - the good feeling to shit and the humiliation of her toilet slave! Open your mouth wide slave and eat all the shit from Mistress Anna!

Jenny is a hardcore mistress, but when the roles are switched, the slave will get instructions that he would have never thought of. One of the things the slave is told to do is piss on her face. Jenny wants to feel her slaves piss on her face. She is not done yet, she will force the slave to take a shit on her face and smear it.

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Shitting in your face