Face shitting

Girls like to shit in your face | Brown shower scat play

Lisa Anderson never fails in the brutal department. She hates every one of her slaves and thinks they are all assholes. She will smoke her cigarettes and use her slave as an ashtray. After she is done with that, she is going to push out a nice big shit right on the slaves face. Lisa could give a fuck less about how humiliated the slave is.

A mistress will invite over all of her friends for some scat fun. The mistress doesn't realize that the slave is going to get so much shit, but she doesn't care. She is going to laugh so hard as all of the ladies are taking turns shitting on the slave. The slave will be totally covered by all of the smelly shit from the laughing ladies.

Mistress Gaia has a major love for all of her shit. When she takes a shit, it is always really messy and the smell is gag worthy. Mistress Gaia will get ready to blow her stinky poop all over the place and she is going to humiliate her slave during that time. She is laughing so hard at the slave and how he is gagging from the smell.

Three girls are ready to show off their skills, and one of the best skills they possess is letting the shit fly from their assholes. The girls are some of the best shitters ever. They can sit on the toilet and the poop just comes right out, which is great for their slaves. The slave will get covered in poop from the girls and must eat it all.

Jenny is a hardcore mistress, but when the roles are switched, the slave will get instructions that he would have never thought of. One of the things the slave is told to do is piss on her face. Jenny wants to feel her slaves piss on her face. She is not done yet, she will force the slave to take a shit on her face and smear it.

Mistress Raw Desires is a mistress that totally loves to use her new scat toilet. She had one of her loser slaves build it for her, and since then it's been one hell of a toilet. She thinks it's funny how all of her slaves know to get under the toilet and get ready for the big load of poo to land in their mouth or on their face.

Mariska will get ready to blow shit all over one of her loser slaves. She is going to put on her sexy colorful socks, because they make her feel really hot as she is squatting over her slave. He knows to open his mouth, because she is going to really dump out a nice big load of shit right into his mouth. Her shit smells so bad.

Lady Lisa is a very fun mistress, but once she gets off the phone with Mistress Michelle and hears the bad news about her slave, she is going to get really pissed off. She is going to have a huge load of shit ready to go. Once the slave arrives, she will push out shit right on his face to punish him. She has had enough of his shit.

A mistress is going to eat a bunch of caviar. She will be totally full from all the caviar, but that also means it's time for the squirts. Her slave knows that she is capable of anything, so when she sprays out a very horrible smelling shit right on the slave's face, she is very amused. The slave must eat up all the shit and piss from her asshole.

Mistress Gaia loves to do special things for her slave. She is going to enjoy having a nice day with her slave making special foods. She is going to gather up a great deal of shit, because she wants to compile the shit and make some good food for her slave. Adding a mix of shit and piss together can be very tasty for her slave.

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Shitting in your face