Face shitting

Girls like to shit in your face | Brown shower scat play

Victoria is a proud dominatrix. She likes to come up with different ways of humiliating her slave. One of her best is shitting on his face

To make sure the slave did not take advantage and lick her pussy and clit, Gaia shit on the slave while squatting

This mistress likes to show her slave what she wants to do to him before she does it. She showed him how she was going to use him as her human toilet

Josephine and her lesbian lover want to enhance their love life. They find out about scat fetishes and try it. They have fun having a 69 but where they eat shit from each other

Jae loves seeing the different kinds of shit that her intestines produce. She loves to document them and study them against what she ate

Sandy and her friend wanted to try scat fetish. They pooped on their slave and made him eat it. But the smell was too much and they puked on him too

This mistress found her toilet dirty. The slave had to be punished for not cleaning it. She made him lie down and be her human toilet

Lady Milena wanted to show this slave the regard she had for him. She used her toilet seat to turn him into her toilet slave. She shit onto his face

This mistress wanted to have kinky fun with her boyfriend. He wanted anal sex and she agreed on condition that he licked her asshole and ate her shit

This landlord had increased rent for these mistresses and they did not like it. They called him to their house to talk and instead of talking, they humiliated him by shitting on him

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Shitting in your face