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Mistress Gaia is not one to entertain nonsense. If she is bored and pissed at someone or something, she will always make her stand known. She made her stand known to this guy but he did not do anything to remedy the situation. That irked her further and to teach the guy a lesson, she forced him to eat her shit and to swallow it. He also drank her pee.

It is bad enough to be tortured and degraded by one mistress especially using shit. But this guy suffered the misfortune of being degraded and humiliated by many mistresses. They were ten in total and he had to eat all their shit and swallow it. He had to drink their pee as well and endure being used as their human toilet. He had no choice and had to do what they wanted.

Goddess Amirha loves to shit on losers. She likes to let them know and feel that they are losers. Today she had to punish this loser for trying to seduce her. She has no time for losers and for her, it was an insult that he wanted to be associated with her. So she taught him a lesson he would never forget. She shit on him to make sure he would never forget that he was a loser.

I have to admit that I like it that way: instead of threatening my toilet bowl, I'd rather shit onto my slave's face! It's much more economic, because I don't need to clean the pottery and save a lot of water! Furthermore I love to humiliate him with facesitting, because he's always so helplessly under my ass, always fighting for a breath or two, but first he has to eat and swallow my pile of pride. Plus I can beat his balls whenever I want and he can't defend himself!

The slave has to open his mouth wide - because Mistress Anna likes it to shit directly in the mouth of her human toilet. Of course she forced her toilet to eat all her shit! Its very important to swallow all!

Mistress Anna likes to shit in his slaves face. Today she has to shit so much and she forced her slave to eat her shit! A real stinky kind of shit - directly on his face. This is face shitting extreme!

Mistresses can always appreciate it when they get a new toy to use. When it involves a new toilet chair, the ladies will get really happy. The girls are going to enjoy the new chair, and they will get ready to take the biggest shit on him too. The slave will enjoy all the benefits of the new toilet chair. The slave will be covered in shit.

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Shitting in your face