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The italian Dominatrix Mistress Gaia likes to shit in the slaves mouth today! While she forced him to chewing her shit i masturbate his dick! What a loser and her personal human toilet! A perfect face shitting slave for Mistress Gaia.

Mistress Gaia is going to get really naughty with her slave, because she thinks he is nothing more than a fucking idiot. She is going to take one hell of a shit right on him, but then she will stick him back in his cage. She thinks he is worthless and nothing more than a pain in the ass anyhow. Her slave is a fucking loser.

Mistress Gaia runs her house to the fullest. She is never to be underestimated, and she knows how to treat her slaves. She is going to put on one of her sexiest outfits ever, because she needs to get herself situated to dominate the shit out of one of her slaves. The slave will be covered in shit and piss from Mistress Gaia as well.

Mistress Gaia is going to not only show off her ass, but she is going to cover her tiny asshole, because she is waiting for her slave to assume the position that a human toilet would be in. She is going to take a nice big shit right on his face, and if she feels like it, she might even piss right in his mouth and laugh at him.

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Shitting in your face