Face shitting

Girls like to shit in your face | Brown shower scat play

It is bad enough to be tortured and degraded by one mistress especially using shit. But this guy suffered the misfortune of being degraded and humiliated by many mistresses. They were ten in total and he had to eat all their shit and swallow it. He had to drink their pee as well and endure being used as their human toilet. He had no choice and had to do what they wanted.

Mistress Anna has no time for people who do not obey her. She demands obedience from her slaves and losers and she makes sure that the obedience is given. Anyone who does not give it to her is punished and punished cruelly. Today she punished this loser by shitting on him and forcing him to eat her shit. He had no choice but to eat all her poo and drink her pee.

Mistress Alina enjoys shitting. It is the one thing she finds joy in and that she can do anytime anywhere. Today she was not going to work. She did not have much to do at home besides working so she decided to pass time by shitting. She went to the bathroom and she had fun with her shit fetish. She enjoyed herself and had fun trying to tell what food particles became her shit and seeing how they reflected in her poo.

Goddess Amirha loves to shit on losers. She likes to let them know and feel that they are losers. Today she had to punish this loser for trying to seduce her. She has no time for losers and for her, it was an insult that he wanted to be associated with her. So she taught him a lesson he would never forget. She shit on him to make sure he would never forget that he was a loser.

Their old guy already received a big pile of shit that's smeared all over his face because he couldn't handle to eat it all. If he thought that this is it, he's so damn wrong.. it only has begun! Both ladies now take a deep, fat dump twice into his mouth until he learns how to cope with their divine scat! Maybe some piss and spittle will help to wash it down his throat!

Why not use a slave in different ways at a time? This submissive piece of shit is totally addicted by his Mistress Annabelle and she knows how to use it. First the skunk has to clean her shoes with his tongue and suck the dirt on them, then he shows his full potential as human ashtray and gets some motivational spitting on top! After his mouth is prepared properly and humiliated twice, she shits into his ugly puss.

I have to admit that I like it that way: instead of threatening my toilet bowl, I'd rather shit onto my slave's face! It's much more economic, because I don't need to clean the pottery and save a lot of water! Furthermore I love to humiliate him with facesitting, because he's always so helplessly under my ass, always fighting for a breath or two, but first he has to eat and swallow my pile of pride. Plus I can beat his balls whenever I want and he can't defend himself!

Princess Nikki's old geezer is always hungry for the sight of her sweet pussy and her ass and would do everything for his Mistress. She instead loves to see her shit covering her sub slaves mouths and so she wants to make her slave a special gift today! After he's paid yesterdays dinner, he receives her gratitude by the aftershit in the morning! What a delicious way for him to quite take part on that dinner, haha! Of course he has to clean up her asshole also and eat the rest of the dinner scat.

This will be the most extreme humiliation for you potty trained slave! We will make your secret wish come true the most dirty way! And you can take it literally, we promise you that. We take you to the club and your new home will be the toilet, where we piss into your mouth and laugh about the ridiculous sight of you, jerk! You will wait exactly where we've put you until the first of us has to shit, and you will suck all of it! Still there will be so much more humiliation while you're waiting there, lonely in your shit cabin!

No mercy for Princess Mias slave! Her slave is her human toilett and the Princess likes to take an enema right now! Her ass is full of shit and then she is shitting directly in the face of her slave! So dirty shit!

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Shitting in your face