Face shitting

Girls like to shit in your face | Brown shower scat play

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When this mistress realized that all this guy was after was sex, she was pissed off. She had thought he was genuine and was even beginning to open up to him. But she realized he was a worthless piece of shit after her pussy. So she punished him using her shit fetish to make sure he never did it again to someone else. She then chased him away to look for someone else.

Mistress Anna likes to shit in his slaves face. Today she has to shit so much and she forced her slave to eat her shit! A real stinky kind of shit - directly on his face. This is face shitting extreme!

Big butt Jessica is a mistress with a scat fetish. She is going to take things to a new level when it's time to take a shit on her slave. Big butt Jessica won't just take a cute little shit. She is going to take a shit that is so fucking big, even the slave is wondering how he is going to eat up all the shit.

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Shitting in your face