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This mistress wanted to make sure that she had administered the correct dose of punishment on her slave. So she called him and had him lie down. Then she made him undress and she shit on his face. She then smeared it on his face and shoved it into his mouth since he was reluctant to eat it as she had directed. Satisfied with what she had done, she left.

Being bored sometimes leads one to doing things they never imagined they would. It is not any different with this mistress. She was all alone at home and was extremely bored. She tried to look for something interesting to do to pass time by nothing seemed to work. Then she felt like shitting and then she had an idea. She decided to play with her own shit as crazy as it sounded.

Victoria is a proud dominatrix. She likes to come up with different ways of humiliating her slave. One of her best is shitting on his face

Sandy and her friend wanted to try scat fetish. They pooped on their slave and made him eat it. But the smell was too much and they puked on him too

Denise was not feeling well but her boyfriend wanted to have sex. She tried to tell him to wait but he insisted. She agreed. He wanted to lick her pussy so she sat on his face. But she had a running a stomach and ended up shitting on his face

This mistress waited till she had almost constipated then made her slave eat her shit. She wanted it to be hard and a big pile of shit

Missy and Chrissy are mistresses that love to have a good time with their slave. Only their slave won't realize that both ladies are going to get really dirty with him today. He is going to have shit in his mouth, but he will also have really gross loogies that are spit on him as well. He is going to have to eat it all up.

A slave will be smothered quite nicely by a mistress with a giant ass. She is going to push out a very loose shit right on his face. She doesn't even take her time to see if he is ready for the poop. She just knows to let the shit fly and dish out as much poop to her slave as possible. Her slave is a pathetic loser.

Lady Lisa is a very fun mistress, but once she gets off the phone with Mistress Michelle and hears the bad news about her slave, she is going to get really pissed off. She is going to have a huge load of shit ready to go. Once the slave arrives, she will push out shit right on his face to punish him. She has had enough of his shit.

Jessica is a mistress with a big ole booty. She loves to hang out with her slaves, but the slaves already know they are going to be expected to have some fun with scat play. Even if the slaves don't like scat play, they must do what Jessica demands of them. They are going to have a great time together, and Jessica will cover her slave in shit.

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Shitting in your face