Face shitting

Girls like to shit in your face | Brown shower scat play

This slave learned the hard way that you do not mess with the mistress. He had taken it for granted and realized that it was a big mistake. She humiliated him and degraded him in a way he could never have guessed. By the time she was done with him, he swore never to repeat it. She made him her human toilet and had fun shitting into his open mouth.

This mistress is a cruel one. She does not like people and when anyone messes with her, she likes to punish them and that punishment is never fun. Of late, she has been getting meaner ways of humiliating her slaves. Today, she turned this guy into her own toilet slave. She shit on him and made him eat the shit. She also made him lick her asshole clean by using him as her toilet paper.

This mistress demonstrates slave humiliation and punishment to mistresses who want and she gets paid for it. She was demonstrating for her new client how to humiliate a slave using the scat method. She shit into the open mouth of her slave while her slave watched. The client was impressed and wanted to try it. She also had a go and they had a lot of fun at the slave's expense.

This mistress is as kinky as they come. She wanted to show her slave what she was capable of. So she made her slave lie down and she shit into the slave's mouth. She wanted to show him that she is not be messed with and if he ever does anything to piss her off, that is the kind of punishment that he should expect. That would therefore act as a deterrent.

With her great ass, mistress Gaia can do no wrong. She has an ass to die for and many guys want to have a piece of it. She always takes advantage of that to make the guys her bitches. She likes to make them do crazy things before anything else. For this guy, she wanted him to eat her shit and the poor guy had no option but to eat it.

When you cheat on this mistress, you should be prepared for the consequences. She does not believe in that forgive and forget crap. She believes that choices have consequences. So she had to punish her boyfriend for cheating on her. And the punishment was cruel. She called her friend to watch as she shit into his mouth. The smell of her shit was so strong that her friend puked on her boyfriend making it a double punishment.

When it comes to humiliation, this mistress is up there with the best. She knows how to not only punish slaves, but degrade them as well. She does not confine herself to one method but rather she knows how to customize her degradation to suit the slave in question. This slave was not lucky as the mistress turned him into her human toilet. She shit into his open mouth and having him swallow it.

Alexa loves shit. She cannot have enough of it. She likes to apply stuff on her anus and then shit. That way, she makes a concoction

This mistress wanted to see how obedient her slave was. She wanted him to drink her pee and eat her shit and he did that

This Asian mistress is a weird mistress. She likes unorthodox things such as shitting on her slaves and smelling her own shit

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Shitting in your face