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Goddess Amirha caught her slave looking at her ass a few times and she knew he was fantasizing about her. She did not like it and had to make him stop it. So she teased him and he fell for the trap. She had to punish him and she used her shit fetish to do it. She took a shit on his face and she made him eat the shit and from then on, he never looked at her the same way again.

This mistress was not happy with her slave. She had to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. She was not happy with how he conducted himself in the house and she had to make sure that she punished him. She settled on scat fetish to humiliate him and when she was done with it, she asked her friend to do the same and the slave had to eat all that shit.

This mistress was horny. She had not had a good pounding in months and she was looking forward to it. She had to make sure she good dick. This guy looked promising. He was handsome, flirty, seductive and he had money. But when she was about to fuck him, she realized he had a small dick. She knew it could not satisfy her so she shit on him as punishment for him having a small dick and wasting her time.

Mistress Alina enjoys shitting. It is the one thing she finds joy in and that she can do anytime anywhere. Today she was not going to work. She did not have much to do at home besides working so she decided to pass time by shitting. She went to the bathroom and she had fun with her shit fetish. She enjoyed herself and had fun trying to tell what food particles became her shit and seeing how they reflected in her poo.

This guy was full of himself claiming that he could satisfy both mistresses easily. These mistresses love adventure and love guys who are confident. But these guys confidence was misleading and he did not satisfy them when they went to have a threesome with him. They were thoroughly disappointed and had to punish him. They had him lie down naked and they shit on his face and made sure he ate that shit.

Being bored sometimes leads one to doing things they never imagined they would. It is not any different with this mistress. She was all alone at home and was extremely bored. She tried to look for something interesting to do to pass time by nothing seemed to work. Then she felt like shitting and then she had an idea. She decided to play with her own shit as crazy as it sounded.

This slave was prepared to do anything to make sure he was as close to Mistresses Missy and Chrissy. So they sought to test his resolve. They started with a few tests which he passed well. Then they got to the real stuff. They made him eat their shit. It was directly deposited into his mouth from their assholes and they also peed on him and he had to drink it.

This slave learned the hard way that you do not mess with the mistress. He had taken it for granted and realized that it was a big mistake. She humiliated him and degraded him in a way he could never have guessed. By the time she was done with him, he swore never to repeat it. She made him her human toilet and had fun shitting into his open mouth.

This mistress is a cruel one. She does not like people and when anyone messes with her, she likes to punish them and that punishment is never fun. Of late, she has been getting meaner ways of humiliating her slaves. Today, she turned this guy into her own toilet slave. She shit on him and made him eat the shit. She also made him lick her asshole clean by using him as her toilet paper.

This mistress demonstrates slave humiliation and punishment to mistresses who want and she gets paid for it. She was demonstrating for her new client how to humiliate a slave using the scat method. She shit into the open mouth of her slave while her slave watched. The client was impressed and wanted to try it. She also had a go and they had a lot of fun at the slave's expense.

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Shitting in your face