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Goddess Amirha caught her slave looking at her ass a few times and she knew he was fantasizing about her. She did not like it and had to make him stop it. So she teased him and he fell for the trap. She had to punish him and she used her shit fetish to do it. She took a shit on his face and she made him eat the shit and from then on, he never looked at her the same way again.

Mistress Gaia is not one to entertain nonsense. If she is bored and pissed at someone or something, she will always make her stand known. She made her stand known to this guy but he did not do anything to remedy the situation. That irked her further and to teach the guy a lesson, she forced him to eat her shit and to swallow it. He also drank her pee.

It is bad enough to be tortured and degraded by one mistress especially using shit. But this guy suffered the misfortune of being degraded and humiliated by many mistresses. They were ten in total and he had to eat all their shit and swallow it. He had to drink their pee as well and endure being used as their human toilet. He had no choice and had to do what they wanted.

The slave has to open his mouth wide - because Mistress Anna likes it to shit directly in the mouth of her human toilet. Of course she forced her toilet to eat all her shit! Its very important to swallow all!

This slave was prepared to do anything to make sure he was as close to Mistresses Missy and Chrissy. So they sought to test his resolve. They started with a few tests which he passed well. Then they got to the real stuff. They made him eat their shit. It was directly deposited into his mouth from their assholes and they also peed on him and he had to drink it.

When it comes to humiliation, this mistress is up there with the best. She knows how to not only punish slaves, but degrade them as well. She does not confine herself to one method but rather she knows how to customize her degradation to suit the slave in question. This slave was not lucky as the mistress turned him into her human toilet. She shit into his open mouth and having him swallow it.

This mistress found her toilet dirty. The slave had to be punished for not cleaning it. She made him lie down and be her human toilet

Missy and Chrissy are mistresses that love to have a good time with their slave. Only their slave won't realize that both ladies are going to get really dirty with him today. He is going to have shit in his mouth, but he will also have really gross loogies that are spit on him as well. He is going to have to eat it all up.

Jenny is great at having scat fun. She loves to push the envelope and do things to her slaves that are so dirty and humiliating. Jenny will sit on a chair with her slave right below her asshole. She ate a huge meal earlier, and she can feel her stomach moving around. It's going to be time soon for all of her smelly shit to come out.

Lady Lisa is a very fun mistress, but once she gets off the phone with Mistress Michelle and hears the bad news about her slave, she is going to get really pissed off. She is going to have a huge load of shit ready to go. Once the slave arrives, she will push out shit right on his face to punish him. She has had enough of his shit.

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Shitting in your face