Face shitting

Girls like to shit in your face | Brown shower scat play

Mistress Gaia is going to get really naughty with her slave, because she thinks he is nothing more than a fucking idiot. She is going to take one hell of a shit right on him, but then she will stick him back in his cage. She thinks he is worthless and nothing more than a pain in the ass anyhow. Her slave is a fucking loser.

Mistresses can always appreciate it when they get a new toy to use. When it involves a new toilet chair, the ladies will get really happy. The girls are going to enjoy the new chair, and they will get ready to take the biggest shit on him too. The slave will enjoy all the benefits of the new toilet chair. The slave will be covered in shit.

Berlin is ready for her slave, but she doesn't know if her slave is ready for what she has in store for him. Berlin will drink a bunch of water, because she wants to make her shit really ripe and smelly. She will push out this really horrible smell of shit that would make any slave gag, because the smell is so bad. She is laughing.

Big butt Jessica is a mistress with a scat fetish. She is going to take things to a new level when it's time to take a shit on her slave. Big butt Jessica won't just take a cute little shit. She is going to take a shit that is so fucking big, even the slave is wondering how he is going to eat up all the shit.

Missy and Chrissy are mistresses that love to have a good time with their slave. Only their slave won't realize that both ladies are going to get really dirty with him today. He is going to have shit in his mouth, but he will also have really gross loogies that are spit on him as well. He is going to have to eat it all up.

A mistress will have a nice time taking a shit on a slave. She will have a few more of her friends assist with the shitting, because the mistress thinks the slave is so pathetic. The ladies will take turns shitting on the slave and making him feel like shit. The girls even eat horrible food, just to make their shit smell even worse for the slave.

Mistress Gaia runs her house to the fullest. She is never to be underestimated, and she knows how to treat her slaves. She is going to put on one of her sexiest outfits ever, because she needs to get herself situated to dominate the shit out of one of her slaves. The slave will be covered in shit and piss from Mistress Gaia as well.

Jenny is great at having scat fun. She loves to push the envelope and do things to her slaves that are so dirty and humiliating. Jenny will sit on a chair with her slave right below her asshole. She ate a huge meal earlier, and she can feel her stomach moving around. It's going to be time soon for all of her smelly shit to come out.

Mistress Raw Desires is a very happy mistress, but when it comes time to start shitting, she is going to take her job very seriously. Mistress Raw Desires will make sure her poop is really foul smelling. She tends to eat things that smell really bad, so when it's shitting time it's gag worthy. Mistress Raw Desires loves to humiliate her slaves by covering them in shit.

A slave will be smothered quite nicely by a mistress with a giant ass. She is going to push out a very loose shit right on his face. She doesn't even take her time to see if he is ready for the poop. She just knows to let the shit fly and dish out as much poop to her slave as possible. Her slave is a pathetic loser.

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Shitting in your face