Face shitting

Girls like to shit in your face | Brown shower scat play

The one thing about a group of women that come together and sit in a special chair is the ability to bond over something special. Their ability to bond over scat is remarkable, especially because they all do not like the slave that they are taking turns shitting on. They are going to enjoy all of the shitting and pissing they do to this loser slave, and they will humiliate him as well.

A slave is going to find out that he is not good enough for even shit to be piled on his face. A mistress has had enough of his lies and deception, therefore she is going to torture him. She will use him for all of her scat play action but she will also piss right on his face making him go down every last drop. This mistress is hard-core and brutal.

When these two mistresses get together, it can be really brutal. However when Cassie's mother joins in the fun they are going to learn that her mother can be just as sadistic and brutal to a slave as the other two ladies are. They are going to take turns using a human toilet chair to shit in and a slave will be laying underneath the seat of the toilet eating shit.

A group of girls are going to sit on the furniture, but the furniture has been specially designed just for their needs. One of the unique features of the furniture is the ability for all of the women to sit without pants on because they are going to each take nice big shits on a slave that is underneath. He will have his mouth full of shit from all of the women.

When Princess Nikki decides it is time to have a party, she is going to invite some of her hard-core friends that love scat play action. They are going to take turns shitting on a slave covering him in warm shit, but they do not stop there because they also are going to verbally assault him and make him feel like a total loser for eating warm shit.

Jenny is going to have some fun but she is also going to reverse the roles with her slave. Her slave does not realize that she also loves scat play too. She will instruct him to push out all of the shit he can on her face. The slave is slightly hesitant at first, but he manages to fulfill his mistresses wishes and shit right on her face.

A slave is going to find out that when he tells his mistress that she is going to receive the foot massage of a lifetime, he had better deliver what she is seeking. Otherwise, the slave is going to find out what it is like to eat shit for the first time with his face smothered in a large pile of his mistresses warm shit as a punishment for lying to her.

A slave must get ready for a very large shit to land in his mouth. His mistress has an enormous ass that can produce the largest amounts of shit he has ever seen in his life, and he is very experienced in scat play. She will shit right on his face and expect him to eat up everything no matter what. The slave will be very full from all of the scat play action.

A human toilet slave is going to be fed a great deal of shit in one day. His mistress decided to have a special party where he was going to be the center of attention. The slave is going to open his mouth and be fed shit throughout the entire day, and he can not deny any of the shit no matter how bad it smells or if the taste is horrible.

Tania loves to sit in her special chair, because underneath her special chair is a slave that has been well trained to eat scat. Her slave also is a footstool so that when she is taking a shit reading a magazine, she has a relaxing place to put her feet. She loves the fact that she has a well-trained human toilet slave that will do anything she requests.

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Shitting in your face