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Girls like to shit in your face | Brown shower scat play

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Princess Nikki's old geezer is always hungry for the sight of her sweet pussy and her ass and would do everything for his Mistress. She instead loves to see her shit covering her sub slaves mouths and so she wants to make her slave a special gift today! After he's paid yesterdays dinner, he receives her gratitude by the aftershit in the morning! What a delicious way for him to quite take part on that dinner, haha! Of course he has to clean up her asshole also and eat the rest of the dinner scat.

When Princess Nikki decides it is time to have a party, she is going to invite some of her hard-core friends that love scat play action. They are going to take turns shitting on a slave covering him in warm shit, but they do not stop there because they also are going to verbally assault him and make him feel like a total loser for eating warm shit.

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Shitting in your face