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Girls like to shit in your face | Brown shower scat play

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Their old guy already received a big pile of shit that's smeared all over his face because he couldn't handle to eat it all. If he thought that this is it, he's so damn wrong.. it only has begun! Both ladies now take a deep, fat dump twice into his mouth until he learns how to cope with their divine scat! Maybe some piss and spittle will help to wash it down his throat!

Why not use a slave in different ways at a time? This submissive piece of shit is totally addicted by his Mistress Annabelle and she knows how to use it. First the skunk has to clean her shoes with his tongue and suck the dirt on them, then he shows his full potential as human ashtray and gets some motivational spitting on top! After his mouth is prepared properly and humiliated twice, she shits into his ugly puss.

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Shitting in your face