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A human toilet slave is going to be fed a great deal of shit in one day. His mistress decided to have a special party where he was going to be the center of attention. The slave is going to open his mouth and be fed shit throughout the entire day, and he can not deny any of the shit no matter how bad it smells or if the taste is horrible.

Tania loves to sit in her special chair, because underneath her special chair is a slave that has been well trained to eat scat. Her slave also is a footstool so that when she is taking a shit reading a magazine, she has a relaxing place to put her feet. She loves the fact that she has a well-trained human toilet slave that will do anything she requests.

Amy is a lovely mistress that enjoys hosting scat parties all of the time. The reason she hosts so many parties is she has a full-time toilet slave that would rather eat her shit then consume food. Of course, she is going to make sure her slave as well fed and he gets all of the shit he can eat any day. She loves her scat parties and so do her friends.

Princess Nikki is well known for being very horrendous to her slaves. She also knows that scat play is one of her favorite things in the world to do, therefore the only thing she could think of before going on a hot date is taking a nice big shit in the mouth of her slave. She will push out shit right into his mouth and make him eat it.

A mistress is going to make her toilet slave get really dirty and messy because she has to go to the bathroom really bad. She did not have a chance to lift up the lid, therefore there is going to be shit all over the place. She does not worry, because that is what her toilet slave is for. He must eat up and clean the entire mess on the toilet and the floor.

Jenny is a mistress that loves to do many things totally hard-core. One of her favorite things to do is extreme scat play with her slave. She can get really messy when she starts to play with her slave, but her slave also enjoys being smeared with all of her fresh warm shit on his body. Jenny asked smiling at the fact her slave looks so helpless and pathetic with shit on him.

Meagan's first dump in a special toilet chair for a slave is going to be very successful. She has been trained well by a master mistress that knows exactly how to train newbies for scat play. She will sit down on the chair and her first instinct is to push out a nice big smelly load of shit former slave to open his mouth wide and eat up every single bit.

Destiny is a really pretty mistress that enjoys doing horrible things to her slave, and that includes taking a shit on her slave when she feels like it. She loves humiliation and she also loves face shitting, therefore her slave is a perfect target. She also has a great aim and will make sure that her slave cleans her asshole, so that she is able to be a happy and fresh.

There are so many girls that enjoy taking a nice big shit on a slave. These lovely women are not only going to shit on the slave, but they are also going to give him a nice dose of humiliation. The slave might even get a chance to taste some of their shit if the mistresses allow it. This slave is going to be fed shit all day long.

Marie is a great mistress that loves to have fun with her slaves. She thinks it's very funny when she pushes out tons of shit right on the slave's face. Marie is one of a kind and she knows it. Slaves from all over reach out to her in hopes of getting a chance to be her bitch. She will shit on each one of them.

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