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Three pretty girls are going to have some fun with their new toilet slave. The slave will get the royal treatment with a ton of shit dropped on the slave's face by the mistress's. They are deeply amused watching the new slave get shit on. The slave will have lots of poop on his face and in his mouth from the eager girls. The human toilet will be used.

Jenny is the most adventurous mistress ever. She is going to squat down right over her slave and take a shit in his mouth. The slave is very well trained, because he knows to hold her hips in place, so she doesn't loose her balance as she is pushing out all of her smelly shit directly into his mouth. Jenny is having a great time with her slave.

Jessica is a mistress with a big ole booty. She loves to hang out with her slaves, but the slaves already know they are going to be expected to have some fun with scat play. Even if the slaves don't like scat play, they must do what Jessica demands of them. They are going to have a great time together, and Jessica will cover her slave in shit.

Mariska is a mistress that loves to put on her sexy black boots. She also enjoys spending time shitting on him. Scat play and treating her boyfriend like a human toilet is one of her favorite things to do. She is going to push out a nice big turd right on her slave, and she will laugh as she is making her boyfriend look like a dumbshit.

Berlin is a mistress that takes great pride in the training of her loser slaves. She also loves to take the biggest shits ever right on their faces. Berlin is going to hold her shit in for a long time, because she is going to let the entire load of shit right onto her slave's face. The slave will have tons of shit piled on his face.

Mistress Gaia is going to not only show off her ass, but she is going to cover her tiny asshole, because she is waiting for her slave to assume the position that a human toilet would be in. She is going to take a nice big shit right on his face, and if she feels like it, she might even piss right in his mouth and laugh at him.

Tina is a great mistress to play with. She loves to take her time and try out everything, because she is a newbie mistress. Tina has never tried scat play before, but will give it a try, because she wants to be the best mistress ever. Tina will have a blast pushing out a large load of poop right on the face and mouth of her new slave.

Christine loves her toilet slaves a great deal. She thinks they are all well trained enough to met her friends lined up ready to take a shit on them. Christine will show the ladies how to shit on her slaves, and then let them have at it. Both of the toilet slaves are going to get a rude awakening with all of the shit deposited on their faces.

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Shitting in your face